How we can help you

Proactive Planning

The endgame for CSG's proactive approach to project planning is to save you money. It's an important goal of our team that you finish the project with us, pleased with the finish product, satisfied with the timeline and mostly importantly within budget. Our team will push for equipment submittals,  research energy saving opportunities with the utilities, keep tabs on the projects progress as a whole and will go the extra mile so that the finished product is the best we can do. 


Traditional BAS/FMS/EMS projects execute in silos with engineering departments, remote programmers, panels assembled jobsites, programs uploaded in the field, databases built sitting on a five gallon bucket and GUIs/systems that get tested at the end of the job. CSG does things differently.  Our team will completely prefabricate your project from the engineering stage through to pre-commissioning. Panels are fully programmed, addressed and ready to install. 


Time on the jobsite is focused on coordination with other trades, insuring proper installation of a complete system and tweaking any sequence of operations that may need changes, updates or customization. Since the bulk of the technical side of the controls work gets completed offsite, the building automation system can be optimized for energy efficiency, user friendly user interfaces and monitoring systems that are critical to the success of the organizations operations.